Fitment Guarantee & Warranty

It's simple. Every wiper you buy comes with all the adapters for that size of blade.

For example, a 15" blade may come with 6 adapters. This is because UK vehicles will require one of only 6 adapters for a 15" wiper blade.

You only need to use the adapter that's for your vehicle, but we include them all anyway.

What If They Don't Fit?

We like to keep things easy around here. If you're having an issue with the fitment of our wiper blades, get in touch with us right away and we'll sort out a solution for you.

Warranty FAQ

Products covered by this warranty

All Hyper-Blade wiper blades and Multi-Clip Adaptors are covered by this warranty.

Duration of warranty

Our warranty runs for 12 Months which begins on the date of purchase. We also offer a Fitment Guarantee which means if your wipers don't fit or operate perfectly, we’ll happily organise a fast and easy exchange or refund.

Who this warranty extends to

The warranty covers the original purchaser of the Product only and is not transferable to anyone else. The warranty covers you whilst you own the Product, for the warranty period set out above, provided you use that Product only for its normal intended purpose.

What this warranty covers

The warranty covers the following defects or performance issues.

  • Split or broken rubber blades.
  • Broken or damaged Multi-Clip Adaptors.
  • Wiper blades that do not operate as intended for example, missing sections of the windscreen, or do not effectively clear water from the screen, causing streaking, smearing or similar.